Thank you for volunteering for the conference. Here is the schedule – 2017.NPN.Volunteer.Schedule-9.7.17

or view the image file:

volunteer schedule Click on this image to view on your media device.

Here are some helpful guidelines:

  1. Notify the Main Event Desk/Reg Desk if you have AV issues with equipment.
  2. The conference is full, so we expect rooms to be full. If you can help guide people to seats, or let them know it’s full that will help as well. There are “Workshop is Full” signs available at the Main Event Desk that can be provided to you.
  3. There are also Workshop is Cancelled signs available that we can post if needed. Three workshops have recently been cancelled due to unfortunate weather across the country currently, and those are listed in the schedule.
  4. There will be a “Turn Cell Phone Off” sign up on the door or on the podium in the room as a reminder, but if you make this a main announcement, that would be appreciated.
  5. There will also be one chair reserved for ADA in the room and have a sign on it. Someone can sit here towards the start if no ADA person is in need of it.
  6. There will be a set of bios in alpha order at the table or podium in the room. All the bios we have on file are in the packet. If it’s not in there, we didn’t receive it, or received it too late to make the addition.
  7. All presentations that we have on file are loaded to the website, currently we have almost 30 of them loaded, so more than half, which is great news!
  8. All workshops will be evaluated online. A link will be emailed to all participants at the end of the conference.
  9. There is WiFi for the all participants. It is Hyatt_Meeting. Passcode: NPN2017

Bios-9.6.17 (bios will be printed and provided in the room). You may also download the Guidebook mobile application to view bios of presenters on your phone!

Workshop/Breakout Volunteer:

  • Serve as the onsite contact within the workshop room 10 minutes before the presentation until 5 minutes after the presentation.
  • Help distribute handouts or presentation materials, if provided and requested. No copy services are provided for presenters.
  • Help with lighting, if possible.
  • Inform conference delegates about news or housekeeping items before the workshop (such as to turn off or silence their cell phones).
  • Introduce speakers and read a bio, if provided (and if the speaker wants you to, connect with the speaker).
  • Facilitate audience questions, if needed and requested.
  • Keep presentation on time. Work with the speaker to create a signal in advance of the start.

We would like to ask that all volunteers, if good with social media, make a point of posting to the social media for the conference and using it as well. This is part of your time expected in regards to volunteering. 

Social Media Volunteer (must be knowledgeable of social media applications):

  • Monitor feeds to make sure content posted by attendees are appropriate.
  • Retweet and reply back to interesting points and questions from attendees.
  • Tweet questions and comments throughout the day or pictures of nice things in Anaheim, or self-care points and wellness tips (we’re focusing on the 30th on wellness and self-care as well, so that will be throughout the event).

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