Frequently Asked Questions

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General Info

What is the National Prevention Network Conference?

The purpose of the National Prevention Network (NPN) Conference is to highlight the latest research in the substance use prevention field. It provides a forum for prevention professionals, coalition leaders, researchers, and federal partners to share research, best practices and promising evaluation results for the purpose of integrating research into prevention practice.

When and where is the 31st Annual National Prevention Network Conference?

The National Prevention Network conference will be held August 28-30, 2018 at the Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts.

What meals are included in my registration cost?

Yes, please see the Schedule for more information. Dinner is not included in the fee on any day of the conference. Schedule is subject to change.

What does the conference schedule look like?

Please visit the conference Schedule page for the most up-to-date agenda.  Schedule is subject to change.

Is there a reception?

At this time there is no reception scheduled in Boston, Massachusetts. Enjoy Boston and receive discounts with your badge at participating locations.

When will I receive my certificate for attending the conference?

Certificates for the general conference will be sent digitally to all participants 10 business days AFTER the conference. Certificates will not be mailed.

Can I bring a guest to the conference?

Please do not bring guests to the conference without approval from the conference host. Guests should not attend any workshops or plenary sessions.

What can my family do while I am attending the conference?

Boston has a lot to offer when it comes to family-friendly activities. Please visit the Visit Boston website to read more. Additionally, Boston Red Sox have provided discounted tickets to the NPN Conference group. These tickets are available to see once you have registered.

What is the age limit of the the conference?

Participants must be 18 or older, or a their own legal guardian to attend.

Where can I find information on exhibitor or sponsorship opportunities?

You can view demographic information, prices, available packages, apply and pay, among other things by visiting the Exhibit page.

Who do I contact for general conference questions?

You may contact customer service by emailing or calling 844-204-0909.


How can I register for the National Prevention Network Conference?

Go to the online form from the NPN Conference site here: Registration Page

To take advantage of the early bird rate, register before the deadline. View the Registration page for more information.

How will I know if I’m registered?

All attendees will receive a confirmation by email. This confirmation verifies your registration for the conference and/or additional fee sessions for which you have registered. Please contact us for additional questions at

The registration will also send an invoice for any amount due. Payments are due before the start of the conference.

To avoid system messages from going to a SPAM folder, please approve messages from “” or from “”. The system has many electronic documents and messages that you will miss if messages are going to your SPAM folder.

How can I pay for the conference?

You may pay for the conference online in the registration system with a credit card. This is the easiest way to pay and receive an automated receipt. You may also pay through a direct deposit (company payments only, not individuals) or by check.

Are any scholarships offered?

Unfortunately, the NPN Conference does not offer scholarships to participants at this time. Attendees should check with their local associations or providers for scholarships and other financial assistance options, as sometimes state entities have scholarship funding available.

What if I need to cancel my registration?

If you are unable to attend the conference, you are required to submit a written cancellation notice no later than Friday, August 3, 2018 by 5:00pm PDT for a full refund*. If your cancellation notice is received after the deadline a refund will not be possible. Please send a request in writing to with “Cancellation” in the Subject line.

What if I forget to cancel and do not participate in the conference?

An unpaid no show still owes the conference hosts. If we do not receive a cancellation by this date, you will not receive a refund. Whether or not a registrant participate’s, a head count for a number of items have already been purchased and all costs incurred, this cannot be recovered, so no refund is possible after the deadline.

What if I would like to substitute someone in my place?

You may substitute. This must be done before the cancellation/refund deadline no later than Friday, August 3, 2018 by 5:00pm PDT. 

What if I do have a refund coming and I do not receive it?

It is the registrant’s responsibility to follow up with us within two (2) months after the conference in the event a refund is not received. If a registrant does not follow up on a refund and it is not received, no refund will be possible following this deadline due to account closure.


Is there a lodging group rate available for the event?

There is a group rate available at a number of conference host hotels for a lodging block. Please visit our travel page to explore more options.

Continuing Education

How many Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) can I receive for attending this conference?

Please visit the CEH page for more information.

Participants may use the certificate to apply for CEHs from other certification/licensing boards. Please check with your board before submitting a certificate. Certificates will be supplied digitally.

What are the requirements to receive the full CEHs for the conference?

Participants must check in at the conference at the check in desk upon arrival for hours to be verified. Certificates for the general conference will be sent digitally to all participants AFTER the conference. Certificates will not be mailed.

Youth Track (No)

Will there be a youth track at the 2017 NPN Conference?

There are no plans to have a specific youth track at the 2018 NPN Conference. Additionally, participants must be 18 or older, or a their own legal guardian to attend.