Sarah Mariani

Behavioral Health Administrator

Keynote Presentation: Thursday, September 14

Sarah Mariani currently is the Behavioral Health Administrator overseeing substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion services for the Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. In this role she serves as the National Prevention Network representative for Washington State. Before joining state government, she was the Executive Director for a program to prevent youth violence and substance abuse.  Sarah worked in prevention for over eighteen years including coalition-building, strategic planning, and training.    Sarah began working for the state of Washington in 2006 and has contributed to the development of multiple substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion initiatives for the state. Including as part of her work to support workforce development, Sarah created the first of its kind, Washington State online professional development platform which includes interactive content as well as online courses for the prevention professionals in the state.    Currently, she focuses on strategic planning, data and program evaluation, and policy development. Sarah is the co-chair for the State Prevention Enhancement Policy Consortium that oversees the five-year strategic plan for substance use disorders prevention and mental health promotion. For the last four years, Sarah has been one of the leaders in the state of Washington focused on prevention of marijuana misuse and abuse